Photography as a side job

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One of my very good friend and classmate  Paulo Bengero who works a Software Developer was featured on ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link).

ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link) featured my highschool/college friend  Paulo Bengero who works as a Software Engineer and moonlights as a Photographer. Back in college he is one of my favorite seatmates because he always has the correct answers on his test papers (hush… don’t tell my teachers). Me, Pau and Gerdick Angeles altogether worked as a group on a college thesis. Who would have guessed that all of us ended up as photographers after studying Computer Engineering for 5 years.

We still hold a main job. Me as a Web Designer/Developer for a consulting firm in New York, Pau as a Senior Software Engineer for a large company (forgot the company but he was a scholar for Fujitsu back in college) and Gerdick as a Creative Lead for Intel.

I still can’t give up my main job as a web designer because for one, it brings food to the table and I love designing sites. So I guess it can’t get any better. Loving your job and getting paid for doing it.

Its an extra effort because some of your free time will be used for your other job.. But wait, do you call it WORK when your having FUN?

All you photographers out there? do you also have a main job? Care to share your insights

ANC Shoptalk: Photography as a Side Job Part 1

ANC Shoptalk: Photography as a Side Job Part 2

Canon Is Making a Historical Global Announcement.

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WHEN: On November 3, 2011
WHERE: Hollywood
WHY: I don’t know too. But I think this will have something to do with video cameras since they are launching it in Hollywood.

What do you like to see?

I for one would love for them to launch a new full frame camera. Canon 5d Mark II badly needs a new sibling. Every manufacturer seems to be launching their own new systems except for Canon. Nikon just recently announced their new mirrorless systems. Will Canon launch a new mirrorless system too? Did they just bought some company?

I guess we have to wait and see.


Dutdutan 11 Event Shoot

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting for the biggest tattoo convention here in the Philippines dubbed “Dutdutan”. The event was held at the World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd. It was attended by both local and international artists, collectors (a guy/gal with tattoo), exhibitors.

One of the highlight of the event is the FHM Bikini Open participated by the FHM babes. I myself almost froze when i saw them but I have to resist so i can work (Who will not freeze when they threw their shirts on me #truestory).

My assignment for this event was to shoot the bands that performed during the event. It was a tiring two day event and I can’t wait for Dutdutan 12!!! Rock on!

More photos at EatShootRock Facebook Page

Dutdutan 11 Performers and FHM Bikini Open Photo set

Dutdutan 11 Tattoo Photo set

Light It Digital Magazine Review

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Light It Digital Magazine
By Kelby Media Group

Download on iTunes

I still consider myself a student of photography. I keep myself open for new stuffs to learn. If you are really passionate with photography, you should take some time to absorb new school of thought, may it be from a budding photographer or a professional guru. Who knows you may get some tip or two.

I stumbled upon this new digital magazine called “Light it”. Its only available for iPad and yes some people may feel left out if they don’t have Steve Job’s toy. Maybe it was their decision to only distribute their content on iPad. Probably because of content formatting or maybe Scott Kelby is really fond of iPad. I confess, i’m biased to iPad. I LOVE MY 1ST GEN IPAD!! I cannot speak for other tablets because I have not tried it yet.


Dutdutan Tattoo Convention 2011

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To ensure that you have everything that you need, do this at least a day before the shoot. Unforeseen events always happens (Ex. unexpected emergencies, equipment failures and sometimes.. Oversleeping.. #guilty #truestory)

Below is a list of things I usually do prior to my shoot.

  • Charge batteries (flash and camera batteries)
  • Format all memory cards
  • Test all equipment to make sure that its working perfectly.
  • Dust off dirt from your cameras and lenses. You may use those rocket blowers and lens cloths to remove those dusts.
  • Pack camera, lenses, chargers, flash, monopod (Its is very useful in stabilizing shots on music gigs. Especially on low light scenarios) and other lighting equipments.
  • Bring extra shirts.
  • Bring a couple of trash bags (No you won’t be cleaning up the hall after the shoot. You can use this to wrap your bag just in case a monsoon decides to drop by the venue).
  • Bring calling cards.
  • Bring water and a couple of energy bar
  • Pack several SMILES (It comes a long way, I promise. )

What to do on the day of the shoot?

Come in at least an hour early to scout the area. This will also make an impression that you are professional and you mean business.  Talk to the organizers about what kind of shots they want since they may be using your photos on their post event press releases. Shoot around to test your settings.

Make sure that you already ate before going to your shoot. You need to be energized for a whole day event.


Dutdutan Tattoo Convention 2011

Philippine’s premier Tattoo Expo and Convention presented by Tribal Streetwear and Skinworkz.


I’m not part of the organizing committee, I will just have the honor of shooting for the event. I got the info below from their official FB Account (Dutdutan Convention 11). You can also visit their website for more info.

Dutdutan info and list of activities

  1. Dates: Aug 26-27, 2011
  2. World Trade Center Hall B & C
  3. Open gates at 12noon
  4. Program from 1pm to 2am per day
  5. 1 day ticket is P250 & 2 days ticket is P450
  6. Event shirt is P350
  7. Tickets and shirts available during the event & on Tribal boutiques
  8. URCC on Aug 26
  9. Bikini & Drum Duel on Aug 27
  10. Bands, Tattoo Convention & Tattoo Competition on both days (different bands and tattoo categories per day)
  11. You can bring DLSR, video camera
  12. 90 Tattoo booths – foreign and local
  13. Surprise international guests from Tribal Crew
  14. Hourly raffle draw (Don’t forget to drop your raffle stub at the entrance)
  15. Freebies from sponsors during the event

Official band lineup of Dutdutan ’11!

Aug 26:
Kadangyan, Budoy, Talahib, Republika de Lata, Kwadro, The Chongkeys, Batas, Sinosikat, Kamikazee, Tanya Markova, General Luna, Intolerant, Maplesyrup, Lolita Carbon of Asin, Valley of Chrome, Chilidogs, Reklamo

Aug 27:
Grandslam Tambulan, Krazykyle & Rapskallion, Dcoy Mizz Snapper & Wika Artists, Franco, The Breed, Gandharva, Grin Department, FINALVOW, Papadom & Powerpuffcorn, Arcadia, Chicosci, Hijo, WUDS, The Dawn, Dahong Palay

Hello world!

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Still brewing… Posting tips, tutorials, behind the scene shoots. Cheers!

Still a work in progress.. need to upload photos and post more info…