Karl Roy: Passed Away, Rest In Peace

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Being the past frontman for bands like Advent Call, P.O.T. and Kapatid, Karl Roy really knows how to rock the house. There was even a rumor that he was suppose to be Razorback’s lead vocalist (Kevin Roy, the Razorback’s current vocalist is Karl’s brother).

Karl Roy’s passing was announced by her sister Kathryn via a facebook post. He passed away last March 13, 2012

It is with deepest sadness that I share the news of Karl’s passing. He was called Home today at 1:01 a.m. Manila time (Tuesday, March 13th), surrounded by those who loved him most – mommy, Keith, Kevin, Krys, his daughter Arianna, and our cousin Jack (Roy-Duavit). Please continue to pray for Karl. He brought so much joy to others but, unfortunately, did not have enough of it in this life. He’s in a better place now, with Lolo Pepe, Lola Conching and Daddy.
- Kathryn Roy

Had the chance of meeting him on a surf trip a few years back, offering us a bottle of Red Horse beer and some happy stick when we arrived. He even joked that he knows a great spot to surf. “Ako meron alam na secret spot (I know a secret spot)” he said. When we asked where was it, he replied “Secret nga eh! (Its a secret!)”.

I had the pleasure of shooting some of the gigs he performed in. I have got to say, the camera loves him. I always find myself watching him sing rather than doing my job of shooting him (yes, i’m a fan!).

Dude manila rock scene won’t be the same without you. You will be missed dearly. Just in case you bump into John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Francis M say hi to them for us. Show the heaven how to rock, pinoy style!!

Here are some pictures of Karl Roy from the last two major shows he performed. Thank you for the music bro! Surfs up!

Karl Roy at Tanduay 5 Rockfest 2011 (MOA Concert Grounds)


Karl Roy at Channel V Music Fest (Metrowalk Parking Lot)






Bamboo sings Rivermaya songs with Mike Elgar and Mark Escueta

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A few weeks back,  Niña Sandejas posted on her Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/nsandejas) an impromptu jam of Rivermaya held at one of their private gathering. Niña was kind enough to share this video to all the avid Rivermaya fans. For more info on the story, go to Nina’s blog post

I felt all my hair stood up in unison upon watching this video. It was heaven. Giddy as a kid on an early christmas morning, I opened and watched the video. I felt all my hair (or whats left of it) stood up in unison upon hearing the jam. As someone who grew up in the 90s (oh yes i’m old), i fell in love with Pinoy Rock. Those days when I tune to NU107 or LA 105.9, go to clubs like Dredd and Mayrics to listen to these guys. The era where bands like Eraserheads, Razorback, Wolfgang, P.O.T., Greyhounds, Slapshock, Skychurch and many other great bands flourished.

Everyone is shouting for a reunion. It may be a long shot but I hope they could do it for their fans. So.. do you think they should hold a reunion concert or not?

In this video they jammed on the following Rivermaya songs:

  • Kisapmata
  • Kung Ayaw Mo wag mo
  • Elesi
  • Panahon nanaman ng pag-ibig.

Without further ado, here is the video.

Steve Jobs is Dead

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I just heard Steve Jobs just passed away at the age of 56. He is one hell of a CEO if there is only Facetime in the next life, i’d call him to say thanks for giving us great products… He had been battling pancreatic cancer and stepped down as CEO of Apple on August 24.

Remembering Steve from Apple’s site.

Some great articles about Steve

a Front Row Seat to Steve Jobs’ Career

Our Top 10 most unforgettable Steve Jobs video moments

Photography as a side job

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One of my very good friend and classmate  Paulo Bengero who works a Software Developer was featured on ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link).

ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link) featured my highschool/college friend  Paulo Bengero who works as a Software Engineer and moonlights as a Photographer. Back in college he is one of my favorite seatmates because he always has the correct answers on his test papers (hush… don’t tell my teachers). Me, Pau and Gerdick Angeles altogether worked as a group on a college thesis. Who would have guessed that all of us ended up as photographers after studying Computer Engineering for 5 years.

We still hold a main job. Me as a Web Designer/Developer for a consulting firm in New York, Pau as a Senior Software Engineer for a large company (forgot the company but he was a scholar for Fujitsu back in college) and Gerdick as a Creative Lead for Intel.

I still can’t give up my main job as a web designer because for one, it brings food to the table and I love designing sites. So I guess it can’t get any better. Loving your job and getting paid for doing it.

Its an extra effort because some of your free time will be used for your other job.. But wait, do you call it WORK when your having FUN?

All you photographers out there? do you also have a main job? Care to share your insights

ANC Shoptalk: Photography as a Side Job Part 1

ANC Shoptalk: Photography as a Side Job Part 2

Canon Is Making a Historical Global Announcement.

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WHEN: On November 3, 2011
WHERE: Hollywood
WHY: I don’t know too. But I think this will have something to do with video cameras since they are launching it in Hollywood.

What do you like to see?

I for one would love for them to launch a new full frame camera. Canon 5d Mark II badly needs a new sibling. Every manufacturer seems to be launching their own new systems except for Canon. Nikon just recently announced their new mirrorless systems. Will Canon launch a new mirrorless system too? Did they just bought some company?

I guess we have to wait and see.


Hello world!

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Still brewing… Posting tips, tutorials, behind the scene shoots. Cheers!

Still a work in progress.. need to upload photos and post more info…