Photography as a side job

Posted By Marlon De Jesus / October, 4, 2011 / 0 comments

One of my very good friend and classmate  Paulo Bengero who works a Software Developer was featured on ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link).

ANC’s Shoptalk (Facebook page and Twitter link) featured my highschool/college friend  Paulo Bengero who works as a Software Engineer and moonlights as a Photographer. Back in college he is one of my favorite seatmates because he always has the correct answers on his test papers (hush… don’t tell my teachers). Me, Pau and Gerdick Angeles altogether worked as a group on a college thesis. Who would have guessed that all of us ended up as photographers after studying Computer Engineering for 5 years.

We still hold a main job. Me as a Web Designer/Developer for a consulting firm in New York, Pau as a Senior Software Engineer for a large company (forgot the company but he was a scholar for Fujitsu back in college) and Gerdick as a Creative Lead for Intel.

I still can’t give up my main job as a web designer because for one, it brings food to the table and I love designing sites. So I guess it can’t get any better. Loving your job and getting paid for doing it.

Its an extra effort because some of your free time will be used for your other job.. But wait, do you call it WORK when your having FUN?

All you photographers out there? do you also have a main job? Care to share your insights

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